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About me

Shivam Giri, the founder of Cyber Yodha, is a passionate entrepreneur and entertaining influencer. He is a staunch advocate for ethical hacking and cyber security measures. He is a strong supporter of ethical hacking and cyber security. He hopes to pass on his practical knowledge and skills in the field of information security. Shivam Giri is an ethical hacking educator who is extremely enthusiastic about his work. Students, job seekers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and others benefit from his instruction. They offer training and services both domestically and internationally.

My Mission

We are available to protect websites from hackers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cyber Yodha provides a fully managed website protection service, in which sites are constantly monitored and their staff’s experience is put to good use in combating new threats. Their penetration testing team can detect cybersecurity flaws before an intruder has a chance to gain access to your network or computer system. We’ll look for flaws in your network or applications and work with you to fix them and lower your risk.

Student Says

The Cyber security training was really amazing. Shivam Sir is really knowledgeable and helpful. We got clear knowledge as well as all the doubts had been cleared. Though we had online classes in this pandemic situation, there was no problem with that. I'm satisfied.
It was an excellent experience. The institute provides a very punctual and friendly atmosphere for the students to learn from scratch. I am currently pursuing the diploma in cyber security course from this institution and in my opinion Shivam Giri
Dhruv Arora
Best Cyber Security Institute in india .I really recommend you to do diploma in Cyber Security from Cyber Yodha
Krishna Goel
Digital Marketing Expert
I like Shivam sir's.... behaviour and his way of teaching😊.......I recommend to all students to take the classes from Shivam Sir..... He is the best teacher for ethical hacking course and also in cyber security
Anand Rauniyaar