Advance Diploma in Cyber Security

This 1.6-year Advanced Diploma In Cyber Security will provide students with the foundational information security (InfoSec) skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the IT security industry.
Our cyber security diploma covers a range of topics, which includes information security, digital forensics, Android Security, Cloud Security, Web application security, and system security concepts.
It also incorporates transferable skills applicable to professional development.
Cyber security is a growing concern for organizations of all sizes, and the industry is currently experiencing a major skills gap and global demand for cyber security professionals.
This one-year (ADIS) is ideal for students looking to acquire in-demand skills and specialized knowledge in all aspects of cybersecurity including network security, web application security, PHP for pentester, Kali Linux, mobile application security

Advance Diploma in Cyber Security – Cyber Yodha

Advance Diploma in Cyber Security Cover following Courses:

  1. Ethical hacking
  2. Network Security
  3. Web Application Security
  4. Bug Bounty
  5. Mobile Application Security
  6. Social Engineering & Manipulation
  7. Advance Kali Linux
  8. PHP
  9. Java
  10. Python
  11. Basic Android Development
  12. Advance Android Development
  13. CHFI
  14. Shell Scripting

Why Cyber Yodha Diploma Program ?

  • In Advance Diploma in Cyber Security, Cyber Yodha Instructor will teach you how to create your tools for penetration testing and vulnerability assessment
  • “Before you hack any technology, you should know how its works” – Shivam Giri 
  • This is the reason that we added Java, PHP, Python, android, and shell scripting to create advanced hacking tools for the live experience
  • Join Cyber Yodha and say goodbye to old-school hacking techniques like Metasploit.
  • Our Cyber security expert will teach you 90% practically and experience Real-World from India’s Best Institute for Cyber Security.
  • Create your cyber security tools
  • Academic Theory & Best Practice Application
  • Self-Directed & Team-Driven Components
  • Welcoming Environment
  • Unlimited Access to Videos, Practice Tests, Virtual Labs.
  • Company Environment.
  • Audio and Video Tutorials also help students do practical sessions at their study desks.
  • Written Test Voucher Code.
  • Online Test Voucher.
  • More than twelve courses in advance diploma in cyber security

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